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Welcome to KennaSoap.

KennaSoap began life as a hobby. When the concept was first launched, we spent time experimenting with a range of oils, colouring and essential oils to create quality handmade soaps free from harsh chemicals, animal products and plastics. Some of our experiments were more successful than others, but many of them blossomed into beautiful products fusing vibrantly beautiful shades of blue, purple and pink.

Alkanna with roses
Gleam natural vegan exfoliant soap

All-natural soaps and lip balms

Once we had developed products of sufficient quality, we were confident enough to make them available to the public. Today, we sell a wide range of all-natural soaps and lip balms. We continue to work on several exciting products and are testing goods including bath bombs, shampoo and moisturiser. More all-natural vegan ingredients are currently being sourced and verified.

Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free products

Each of the products that we sell are vegan and cruelty-free. Plants and powders are used for colouring, with essential oils being used to produce scents. We use a variety of oils to create our own unique scents.


Eco-friendly packaging

All our batches are handmade, cut, stamped and packaged in our own recyclable packaging to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. No microplastics are used to create or package any of our products. Instead, we opt for ground almond shell as well as coffee grounds. Not only are coffee grounds natural exfoliants but they are fully biodegradable too, making them ideal for the conscious consumer.

Distinctive, long-lasting products

Each batch is truly distinctive due to our use of all-natural ingredients. No two batches are ever quite the same. To prolong the lives of our products, avoid storing them in direct sunlight. It’s best to keep them in a dark, dry place to maintain their quality, colour and scent.

Lip Balms

Travel-friendly cosmetics

We also designed our range with travel-friendliness in mind so you can use them wherever you roam. Having witnessed the amount of waste produced at airports, we felt it was essential to create travel-friendly products that can easily be transported from A to B. The travel side of our business has seen considerable growth.

Low-scented products available

Our products are available in scented and low-scented forms. Some of our customers prefer less scent. Low-scented soaps are lower in allergens, more suitable for people with autism and ideal for those who are negatively affected by strong scents. Even when products are made entirely from natural ingredients, they can still emit strong scents, which is why we aimed to cater for people eager to avoid these. Our products are also free from sulphates.

Low Scent
PETA Approved

Stringent sourcing

All the ingredients we use are sourced from reputable suppliers. Our products are totally free from animal products as well as animal byproducts. We also safety test all of our products to ensure they won’t harm you. Each item also comes complete with a list of allergens. We are currently working on non-soap and balm products, though we can’t make these available until they have undergone rigorous testing and a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).

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