Travel-friendly soaps and balms

At Kenna, we specialise in creating and supply travel-friendly soaps and lip balms. The products that we offer take the stress and strain out of travelling with quality skincare products.

Citrus Burst Natural Vegan Lip Balm

Avoid unnecessary waste

When people buy new beauty products at the airport rather than taking their existing ones with them, unnecessary waste is created. Having witnessed the amount of waste produced at airports when beauty products are purchased, we decided to create products that you can easily transport with you whether you’re taking a break or heading away on business.

Travel more lightly

Many people have been instructed to place cosmetics products in their ‘liquids’ bags when travelling with hand luggage only. Some airports interpret the rules differently, which means what’s permitted in one location may be prohibited at another. As your liquids bag only has a 100ml limit, it’s all too easy to reach this if you carry multiple products with you. If you do reach this limit, you may need to throw some of your goods away before you fly. This is why there is such great demand for lightweight, travel-friendly beauty products that are easy to carry through security. As beauty products can be very expensive, surrendering your luxury goods can cost you a great deal of money. The waste can also lead to an increase in your carbon footprint.


How we can help

We offer aluminium tins that you can easily store your products inside alongside hard bars that won’t need to be tested so you can get through security. When you opt for our products, you don’t need to add to the already-sizeable piles of waste that you see around you at the airport. Everything is modestly-sized and simple to transport so you can get them from A to B with ease. Our recyclable packaging keeps your carbon footprint to a minimum, and no microplastics are used to create any of our products.

Portable conscious cosmetics

Our soaps and balms are also ideal if you’re holidaying close to home on a staycation, travelling via ferry or heading to a caravan or hotel. No matter where you’re heading or how you’re getting there, small, easily-accessible cosmetics can always make conscious travel that little bit easier. Many hotels offer complimentary cosmetics, but these are not always vegan or environmentally-friendly. When you have our products to hand, you can rest assured that you’re using vegan-friendly products that suit your skin and won’t harm the environment.

Lip Balms

Getting in touch

Contact us today to learn more about our travel-friendly cosmetics products. Not only do our products help you get through security, they reduce your carbon footprint and remove much of the tension from travel.

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