Vegan Soaps

Our vegan soaps are a favourite for our customers and it's not difficult to see why! We have a great range blending many different naturally sourced ingredients to create a moisturising, conditioning bar with a rich lather. Take home one of our soaps today and enjoy our delightful aromas and welcome nature back into your life.

About Our Soaps

All the soaps and other cosmetics that we offer reflect our values of veganism and biodegradability. The natural world offers a whole host of quality ingredients that come together to produce astounding colours and scents. The products that we supply are designed to help you welcome nature back into your life.

We use the cold process method to produce our vegan soaps. Ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and mango butter. These ingredients are brought together to produce a highly moisturising conditioning bar that offers a rich lather and opulent aroma. Our essential oils are the result of intense research and development. The entire colour spectrum is covered by our range of vegan soaps thanks to our use of premium natural colouring and plant extracts.

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Why Choose Kenna Soap?

PETA Approved
Natural Vegan Soap
Made in the UK
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