Gift Set – Soap and Lip Balm


Soap and Lip Balm Gift Set

Treat yourself or your loved ones to our gift set containing a 100g bar of natural vegan soap, and our nourishing lip balm. Choose your own combination to create a unique gift that your freiends and family will love.

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Create your own gift set choosing between any of our 100g soaps and any of our lip balms to create a very personal gift set.

Choose your soap from our range listed:

  • Alkanna- Lavender soap scented with a blend containing sweet lavender and rose
  • Glow – Orange scrubby soap scented¬† with a blend containing sandalwood and orange
  • Kelpish – Deep sea green soap scented with a blend containing tea tree and peppermint
  • Serenity- Luscious Pink soap scented with a blend containing chamomile and ylang Ylang
  • Opulence- Decadent blue soap scented with a blend containing jasmine and patchouli
  • Luminosity- Bright yellow soap scented with a blend containing lemon and ginger
  • Verdant- Pale green soap scented with a blend containing cedarwood and ho wood
  • Deceptively Minty – Perfect for the kitchen, a fresh blend of mint and citrus

Choose your lip balm

  • Orange Chai – A bright orange lip balm scented with spiced cinnamon and orange
  • Citrus Burst – A fresh burst of orange and lemon.
  • Jasmine Tea – A lovely blend of green tea and jasmine.
  • Vanilla Smoothie – Pale yellow lip balm with vanilla and lemon
  • Rosa – Pink lip balm scented with lavender and rose
  • Mint – A light green balm in a delicate blend of mint


Gift wrapping is available in plain wrapping or christmas wrapping, please add a note at checkout to which you would prefer.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 cm


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